Spare Parts Tissue Rolls

Tissue spare parts for 100% compatible rolls

Spares Service & Machinery s.r.l  has 30 years of experience in the supply of 100% compatible spare parts for automatic paper converting and packaging machines.

Spares Service & Machinery guarantees an extensive 100% compatible spare parts inventory availability for Tissue Converting machinery. With our network of skilled technicians we are capable of reproducing any mechanical part either from our existing library or from any existing phisycal prototype, and replace it directly in your facility.

4 Automatic storage warehouse (140 tons of spares!)

Spares Service & Machinery  sells 100% compatible spare parts for tissue converting machines: OPTIMA, AMOTEK,CASMATIC, PERINI-KPL, BRETTING, OMET, HOBEMAS, PCMC, SERVOTEC, TAU, WINKLER, DUNNEBIER, SENNING.


  • Reverse Engineering on OEM Spare Parts                               
  • Extensive internal and external Quality Controls
  • Constant Customer Feedback
  • Improved Customized Solutions


  • Extend Parts Quality Inspection
  • Full Process Traceability
  • 12 Months Warranty on Items and Interventions
  • Product Liability Insurance
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